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Agent (G)



Zabbix agent for various platforms

Issues: Due

  • Bug ZBX-5551 zabbix doesn't remove ipv6 socket
  • Bug ZBX-2076 Enable static compilation processing with "--with-ldap" "configure" flag passed.
  • Bug ZBX-2755 naming inconsistencies

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug ZBX-8117 Last Saturday 23:27 zabbix agent 64bit crashed on win2k12 after asking achitecture "-k system.sw.arch"
  • Bug ZBX-8108 Last Friday 12:42 zabbix 2.2.3 net.udp.listen[port] check is not stable
  • Bug ZBX-5442 Last Thursday 22:30 Zabbix agent 2.0.0 for windows memory leaks when running as active check mode

Versions: Due