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Agent (G)



Zabbix agent for various platforms

Issues: Due

  • Bug ZBX-5551 zabbix doesn't remove ipv6 socket
  • Bug ZBX-2076 Enable static compilation processing with "--with-ldap" "configure" flag passed.
  • Bug ZBX-2755 naming inconsistencies

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug ZBX-8138 Yesterday 11:26 "net.tcp.service[ssh]" key returns 0 if SSH server configured with a "motd"
  • Bug ZBX-8130 Yesterday 09:56 zabbix_agent -t proc.num[,root] vs zabbix_get -s -k proc.num[,root]
  • Bug ZBX-8108 Last Tuesday 18:54 zabbix 2.2.3 net.udp.listen[port] check is not stable

Versions: Due