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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-1089

ZBXNEXT-353 support for user macro in GUI scripts

Unassigned Oleksii Zagorskyi Major Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-873

ZBXNEXT-353 Allow user macros in items custom multiplier

Alexei Vladishev azurIt Minor Open Unresolved  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-751

ZBXNEXT-353 Allow user macros within notification messages

Unassigned Cohan Robinson Minor Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-518

ZBXNEXT-353 add usermacro support in snmp port field

Unassigned richlv Major Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-357

ZBXNEXT-353 User macros do not work in parameters field of database item

Unassigned Kirill Fateev Major Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-356

ZBXNEXT-353 Can't use macros in commands

Unassigned administrador vf Major Closed Won't fix  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-355

ZBXNEXT-353 user macros do not work in snmp oid field

Unassigned richlv Critical Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-354

ZBXNEXT-353 support usermacros in 'allowed' ip for trapper items

Martins Valkovskis richlv Major Closed Fixed  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-278

ZBXNEXT-353 Add support to snmp oid to use macros and function

Alexei Vladishev Petrov Vladimir Major Closed Duplicate  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-242

ZBXNEXT-353 Support user macros in graph names

Unassigned Alexey Pustovalov Major Open Unresolved  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-205

ZBXNEXT-353 Add support of user macros in snmp community string

Unassigned Michael Minor Closed Fixed