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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-7545

ZBXNEXT-7137 Create framework to standartise creation of modal forms

Valdis Murzins Alexei Vladishev Major READY TO DEVELOP Unresolved  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-7541

ZBXNEXT-7137 Convert Copy form to modal

Zabbix Development Team Alex Kalimulin Trivial READY TO DEVELOP Unresolved  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-7464

ZBXNEXT-7137 Make Proxy configuration form modal

Zabbix Development Team Rostislav Palivoda Trivial Closed Duplicate  
Change Request (Sub-task) ZBXNEXT-7138

ZBXNEXT-7137 Make API token creation form modal

Elina Pulke Alexei Vladishev Trivial Closed Fixed