Release Notes - ZABBIX BUGS AND ISSUES - Version 1.8.9 - HTML format


  • [ZBX-2361] - Can't copy SNMP items from one template to another
  • [ZBX-2490] - acknowledge coming from a child node is not displayed on master node
  • [ZBX-2504] - Adding group using mass update for host remove already existing group
  • [ZBX-3441] - server can reset disabled items to "not supported" state
  • [ZBX-3473] - it is possible to save host with empty dns name and "connect to" set to dns
  • [ZBX-3625] - frontend does not allow to save a valid aggregated item key
  • [ZBX-3822] - Undefined index in tr_testexpr.php
  • [ZBX-3829] - dependencies of triggers and linked template assign host modification
  • [ZBX-3942] - Zabbix Agent Collector should not collect additional statistics using perfstat if system.stat item is not used
  • [ZBX-3988] - Browser memory leak on some pages of zabbix web interface
  • [ZBX-4006] - Importing a template that updates an existing, yields oracle errors
  • [ZBX-4026] - SNMP Host not being disabled when unreachable
  • [ZBX-4045] - Crash in DCsync_hosts()
  • [ZBX-4085] - Zabbix 1.8.6 doesn't build on osx Leopard
  • [ZBX-4087] - don't call user input garbage
  • [ZBX-4091] - agent, get & sender links against unneeded libraries
  • [ZBX-4104] - using closed handle in libs/zbxexec/execute.c zbx_execute()
  • [ZBX-4131] - Incorrect page is shown after login
  • [ZBX-4146] - In "Configuration -> IT Services" no refresh after adding new Service in IE7
  • [ZBX-4155] - Zabbix may try to run multiple instances with the same .pid file
  • [ZBX-4156] - Zabbix agent service crash/hang
  • [ZBX-4158] - Within transaction, SQL statements after failure are still processed
  • [ZBX-4159] - Zabbix frontend does not take into account "nodeid" when updating record for the "acknowledges" and "housekeeper" table in the "ids" table
  • [ZBX-4176] - API "action.update" does not work properly
  • [ZBX-4178] - compilation fails on FreeBSD: union has no member named `sival_int'
  • [ZBX-4194] - query failed: missing semicolon or break
  • [ZBX-4198] - Second space in hostname or host group changed to "+" in filter
  • [ZBX-4201] - Templates are being included in Bar Report Graphs
  • [ZBX-4203] - updating trigger by API drops all trigger dependencies
  • [ZBX-4205] - When change trigger in template, changes of inherited triggers are not added to audit log
  • [ZBX-4216] - Weekday and Yes/No terms is wrong Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • [ZBX-4221] - Sorting by host does not work in Configuration->Web
  • [ZBX-4232] - Unclear log message "first network error"
  • [ZBX-4249] - Trigger wizard "insert macro" action works incorrectly
  • [ZBX-4264] - Zabbix agent does not compile on HP-UX
  • [ZBX-4271] - Memory leaks when an deadlock
  • [ZBX-4275] - zabbix needs to wait a bit on databases instead of just closing down
  • [ZBX-4323] - host.create + profile = profile not inserts
  • [ZBX-4325] - maintenance does not start at the specified time
  • [ZBX-4326] - When create host with incorrect profile field API return DBerror
  • [ZBX-4352] - Host Mass Update: Cannot link additional template to hosts
  • [ZBX-4444] - Got signal [signal:11(SIGSEGV),reason:128,refaddr:(nil)]. Crashing ...


  • [ZBX-2493] - default messages for trigger, discovery and auto registration actions
  • [ZBX-2931] - Template_SNMPv2_Device's triggers are "TRUE" in data.sql
  • [ZBX-4072] - improvement of index for acknowledgement
  • [ZBX-4241] - Truncate the "ids" table when converting the DB to the DM mode


  • [ZBX-2882] - Wrong Item in Linux Template

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