Release Notes - ZABBIX BUGS AND ISSUES - Version 1.8.10 - HTML format

Incident report

  • [ZBX-2419] - IT Services: Calculation of availability is incorrect when uptimes are applied
  • [ZBX-2843] - slideshow refresh time popup menu too wide
  • [ZBX-2859] - possible to successfully delete zero regular expressions
  • [ZBX-3074] - in item list move status column to the left
  • [ZBX-3081] - The problem with logrt and russian utf8
  • [ZBX-3104] - Clock element with 'Host time' mode for templated screens. And other errors in screen.
  • [ZBX-3217] - installation wizard fails to start without some modules
  • [ZBX-3244] - dropdown changes its style when navigating menu
  • [ZBX-3397] - map elements with missing image rendered as red squares
  • [ZBX-4015] - Persistent Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  • [ZBX-4235] - Graph axis labels incorrect in localized GUI
  • [ZBX-4288] - host macros are not deleted from the database when host is deleted
  • [ZBX-4298] - No messages in the LEVEL_WARNING log about deleted values by housekeeper (table "housekeeper")
  • [ZBX-4351] - French translation for 1.8.9rc1
  • [ZBX-4353] - update Japanese translation for 1.8.9rc1
  • [ZBX-4360] - Server from trunk will not compile on FreeBSD 7.3
  • [ZBX-4375] - Update translate for ru lang
  • [ZBX-4376] - Quoted spec symbols in lld via proxy
  • [ZBX-4377] - compilation with --enable-static exits with "Curl library not found"
  • [ZBX-4383] - 'host.delete' method in API v. 1.8.8 leaves orphaned 'usermacro' objects in DB
  • [ZBX-4391] - suffixes not properly supported in trigger testing interface in frontend
  • [ZBX-4413] - nbsp in "event generation" dropdown
  • [ZBX-4424] - Handling of the log of long Japanese
  • [ZBX-4524] - Brazilian Portuguese translation update for 1.8.10

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