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is duplicated by ZBXNEXT-2623 Dynamic Vertical Axis Control on Graphs Closed
depends on ZBXNEXT-4588 New Graph Widget Closed



I would like to see logarithmic scaling on Y-axis in graphs. Comparing two items in a graph is very difficult if one item is low while the other item beeing high. As a sample you might think about "mails relayed" and "mails rejected with user unknown". You can graph both item nicely if you have a logarithmic scale on the Y-axis.

Comment by Matt Reidy [ 2011 Jun 19 ]

This is a critical feature for graphs showing mixed content. For example, we like to view concurrent connections and mean response time for many web servers on the same graph. the TCP connections range from 0 to 10 and the mean response times range from 5 to 20,000 (ms). Without the ability to use a log scale, the concurrent connections data is lost down on the bottom of the Y axis. Simply using the left axis for one and the right for the other makes the two data sets blend together too much to be able to make any sense of either. We could REALLY use this feature... pretty please

Comment by Christoffer Lilja [ 2012 Aug 22 ]


This is a feature that would be great to have when graphing several things in the same graph.
See that this request is old, so see this as a bump...

Comment by richlv [ 2012 Aug 22 ]

bump where and why ?

Comment by Christoffer Lilja [ 2012 Aug 22 ]

Bump this issue because we want this feature when graphing

Comment by richlv [ 2012 Aug 22 ]

how do you "bump" it (what is the effect) and how is that supposed to help ?

Comment by Christoffer Lilja [ 2012 Aug 22 ]

You call it bump when you write in a old issue to get in on top of last changed issues, this in hope to give the issue attention.

Comment by Robin van Westrenen-Broekmans [ 2012 Sep 28 ]

I would like to 'bump' this because logarithmic graphs are very useful and the company I work for wants it for Zabbix.

How do I submit code for review? Can I simply add a patch-file to this feature-request?

Comment by richlv [ 2012 Sep 28 ]

you can attach patches, although that does not guarantee "official" review/implementation

Comment by Dmitry [ 2012 Oct 02 ]

Hello. I wrote a patch for zabbix 2.0.2/2.0.3rc2, which implements logarithmic graphs. My patch adds 2 additional values to combobox "Graph type" - Logarithmic and Stacked logarithmic. Soon I will add it to the public repo on github, so everyone will be able to download it. I tested the diff-patch, which I attached to this post, with Zabbix 2.0.2/2.0.3rc2 downloaded from svn, it works fine for me.

Here you can find snaphsots of new graphs: http://imgur.com/a/aAZHC
And here is thread in Russian on Zabbix forums: http://www.zabbix.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32355

Comment by Garth Dahlstrom [ 2012 Oct 02 ]

@Dmitry that's some very nice work. I'm voting for it and I do hope it gets adopted. Its very frustrating that patches seemingly take forever to get adopted around here, I hope that's not the case with this one.

Comment by Alexei Vladishev [ 2012 Oct 11 ]

I love it. Thanks for your effort, we hope to include it into 2.2.

Comment by Ralph Schell [ 2013 Mar 27 ]

Has Dimitry's patch already been uploaded to github? If so, against which version of Zabbix (Dimitry mentios 2.0.2/2.0.3rc2 but presently there is an appliance already at version 2.0.5)? This is an extremely useful add-on to Zabbix graphing. My company is looking to implement this in their Zabbix monitoring. Has it therefore already been reviewed/implemented? If so, where can it be downloaded? If not so, when and where is it planned for production (I heard v2.2, but could it be earlier)? Added comment: I have checked out Zabbix versions 2.0.2rc2, 2.0.3rc2, and 2.0.5 from Sourceforge and via "grep -irn logarithmic *" in each source tree could not find the term logarithmic in any of these trees. My conclusion therefore is that it has not been taken up within the source tree. Am I correct in assuming this?

Comment by Ralph Schell [ 2013 Apr 04 ]

Dear Alexei, Robin's company is the same as mine and we (our company) would rather like this logarithmic scaling as an added feature to Zabbix. Can we submit a feature request that will include Dimitry's patch in a sooner version than v2.2 (e.g. in the upcoming v2.0.6)?

Comment by richlv [ 2013 Apr 04 ]

it's pretty much impossible to include in 2.0.6 (string freeze has started for it).
as for further versions, it might be best to contact sales@zabbix.com

Comment by Ralph Schell [ 2013 Apr 05 ]

I understand that this code will not be in the v2.0.6 due to the freeze. But then my question still is when this could be implemented... In v2.0.7, v2.1, or ultimately the v2.2 version Alexei was talking about (which to me sounds quite a long way off). So could you give an answer to my query or is it really necessary to contact sales@zabbix.com for a definitive answer?

Comment by richlv [ 2013 Apr 05 ]

this is not on any roadmap currently, so there is no definitive answer

Comment by Michael H [ 2013 Dec 05 ]

This patch had a few issue so I re-implemented it against the 2.0.9 source, and have attached the new patch. However, I have noticed that the new Log graphs are respecting the Width setting, while the other graph types are as wide as the browser window. While the Log graphs are "correct," I would like them to stretch as wide as the windows as well. Any ideas how to make this happen?

Comment by Samir Ibradžić [ 2014 Jan 16 ]

Hello. I'd like to contribute 're-based' patch for Zabbix 2.2.1. Well, it is a bit ugly, because some graph classes changed in 2.2, but it works well...

Comment by Michael H [ 2014 Jan 31 ]

Thanks for the updated patch for 2.2, I wasn't able to port over the 2.0 patch because of all the changes. However, the graph is still only displaying as wide as the Width value. Any ideas what is causing this?

Comment by Igor A. Borisov [ 2014 Aug 27 ]

Updated patch for version 2.2.5.

Comment by Igor A. Borisov [ 2014 Aug 27 ]

Are there any plans to include this functionality to Zabbix itself?

Comment by sepa [ 2014 Oct 05 ]

>However, the graph is still only displaying as wide as the Width value. Any ideas what is causing this?
to fix this edit js/gtlc.js
line 138: if (isset('graphtype', obj.objDims) && (obj.objDims.graphtype < 2 || obj.objDims.graphtype>=10)) {

Comment by Tobias Koenig [ 2015 Mar 17 ]

Good morning... Did anybody already submit a new Version for Zabbix v2.4.4 (revision 52341) (23.Feb.2015) ?!
I would be really nice if anybody can create an update from the diff files...


Comment by Ilya Ableev [ 2017 Oct 30 ]

"Must have" for graph/screen view

Comment by Isamu D [ 2017 Dec 21 ]

Any chance that someone could patch this for 3.4.x? Would be a great feature to have.

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