[ZBXNEXT-75] Add a "show all" option for viewing all graphs for a host on one page Created: 2008 Sep 29  Updated: 2017 Mar 08

Status: Open
Component/s: Frontend (F)
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Type: Change Request Priority: Minor
Reporter: Jasper Spit Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 79
Labels: graphs, patch

Attachments: File ZBXNEXT-75.patch     File charts.php.1.8.10-2.diff     File charts.php.1.8.10-3.diff     File charts.php.1.8.10.diff     File charts.php.2.0.0-1.diff     File charts.php.2.0.0-2.diff     File zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-flickerfreescreen.js.patch     File zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-orderByGraphType.patch     File zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher.patch     File zbxNext75-2.2.5-MultiSelectFilter.patch     PNG File zbxNext75-2.2.5-MultiSelectFilter.png     File zbxNext75-2.2.5.patch    
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When monitoring a graph for a specific host, a "Show all" option in the dropdown menu would be convenient. Clicking this would show all the graphs for the host on one page so you can compare them easily. Right now you would have to create a screen first which is quite a bit of work.

Comment by richlv [ 2011 Sep 12 ]

this would probably burn horribly with thousands of hosts in a single group, so such environments should be taken in consideration

Comment by Ghozlane TOUMI [ 2011 Sep 12 ]

I think the request is for graphs for a specific host only...
that's the way I understood it, and that's the feature I voted for ...

Comment by Arli [ 2011 Sep 12 ]

Yeah, I also requested this feature to be available, when single host is selected.

Comment by Arli [ 2011 Oct 07 ]

There was an unofficial patch for it back in 2006, that was working great.
Maybe this old forum topic helps:

Comment by alix [ 2012 Jan 31 ]

quick & dirty patch against 1.8.10 frontend, displays all graphs of an host in Monitoring/Graphs when no graph is selected.

Comment by alix [ 2012 Feb 01 ]

more polished version: each listed graph img has a name, and is clickable (click opens single graph window).

Comment by AG [ 2012 Feb 14 ]

I don't see this request as a duplicate of bug ZBX-4100 resp. feature request ZBXNEXT-1120 . While this last bug suggests that a specific graph should be viewed for all
hosts of a group, the request here is to have a "show all" entry allowing to display all available graphs of a given host.

Comment by Sergio G. [ 2012 Apr 11 ]

Here's my working version of charts.php diff, based on charts.php.1.8.10-2.diff which shows always all graphs, no matter if you selected one or you don't.

This patch only shows all graphs when you select "not selected" in dropdown, in other words, when graphid is 0.

Comment by Nathan Lewis [ 2012 Jun 07 ]

Update for 2.0.0. I got a warning about Undefined Index for S_GRAPHS. Changed it to "**". It seems locale changed in 2.0.0.

Just wanted to say thanks for this patch. It has been very helpful for me.

Comment by Nathan Lewis [ 2012 Jun 07 ]

Fixed Patch.

Comment by xaa ru [ 2012 Oct 30 ]

Hi, Nathan.
Your Patch doesn't work in Zabbix 2.0.3. It has other charts.php file. Can you please fix your patch?

Comment by jump1 [ 2012 Dec 03 ]

Hi, would you be able to quickly patch charts.php for 2.0.3? it worked great for 2.0.0 cheers!

Comment by christopher [ 2012 Dec 13 ]

also a patch for 2.0.4 would be nice

Comment by christopher [ 2013 Jan 08 ]

will this feature be implemented in one of the next releases?

Comment by richlv [ 2013 Jan 08 ]

it's not planned for short term : https://zabbix.org/wiki/Docs/roadmap

Comment by christopher [ 2013 Jan 08 ]

pity - you are right. I did not know the roadmap yet.
but this would really be a nice feature to see all details of the server on one site

Comment by christopher [ 2013 Feb 05 ]

a patch for 2.0.4 you can find here:

thank you higebu!!!!

Comment by Volker Fröhlich [ 2013 Jul 19 ]

The patch on the forum is broken, see my comment there!

Comment by Javier [ 2013 Oct 16 ]



Thanks to Higebu!

Comment by Javier [ 2013 Oct 16 ]

Hi there.

I've just added "zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher.patch". It worked for a zabbix-2.0.9 installation.

Instructions to apply:

1. Dowload the file to /tmp for instance

2. Go to Zabbix php frontend installation:

cd /srw/www/zabbix-2.0.9

3. Apply the patch (use sudo if files doesn't belongs to you):

sudo patch -p1 < /tmp/zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher.patch

Source of the patch:


Many thanks Higebu!

Comment by Marc [ 2013 Oct 20 ]

Attached patch zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-flickerfreescreen.js.patch might solve the issue mentioned in corresponding forum thread.
Anyhow, haven't extensively investigated this issue and the patch might break other things.

Comment by Marc [ 2013 Oct 20 ]

The patch zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-orderByGraphType.patch extends zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher.patch by ordering graphs.

Graphs are separately ordered by name for 'graph' and 'pie' charts.
Charts of graphtype 'normal' and 'stacked are displayed first. Charts of graphtype 'pie' and 'exploded' come then.

Comment by Dominik Borkowski [ 2013 Oct 30 ]

Thank you for the patches, the end result is just what I was looking for. Hopefully we'll see it eventually on the roadmap.


Comment by Javier [ 2013 Dec 02 ]

Uploaded ZBXNEXT-75.patch

-Tested with Zabbix 2.0.4+ and 2.2
-Merges in just one file zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher.patch, zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-orderByGraphType.patch and zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-flickerfreescreen.js.patch

Comment by Cristian [ 2013 Dec 02 ]

Hi Javier,

Got a quick question: if we adjust the date/time selection all the graphs are adjusting or just the first one ?

Comment by Javier [ 2013 Dec 04 ]

Hi Christian,

All of them are updated.


Comment by Cristian [ 2013 Dec 04 ]

Hi Javier,

Looks very good, better than previous patches exactly because of updating all graphs when updating the date/time selection.

I have one question. If all the graphs are Normal or Stacked how are the graphs ordered ? I can't understand how the graphs are ordered...

Comment by Cristian [ 2013 Dec 04 ]

Btw, I simply don't understand why this patch is not included into Zabbix source. The code is quite simple and these (very useful) patches are quite easy to add.

Comment by Volker Fröhlich [ 2013 Dec 06 ]

Working nicely, but the results are terrible to overlook or search through. What if there were a textual index at the top using HTML anchors to go to the graphs?

Comment by Naruto [ 2013 Dec 29 ]

Convenient but inefficient. You'll have many inexperienced users (in my case my own mates), clicking many times that option, for rendering many graphics, some of them not interesting to them.

Besides that, this feature is somehow implemented in 2.2 screens. You can make 1 screen, and apply it to whatever host you want, just by using the filter menues. Check it!

Comment by Marc [ 2013 Dec 29 ]

It becomes convenient when one got a lot of different host assets like Linux/Unix/Windows/... hosts, load balancers, firewalls, switches, databases, routers, rooms, ...
This feature allows to see very easily at a glance what's going on for a device - without any initial effort

To be honest I'm not aware of the screen improvements in 2.2 over 2.0. In case dynamic elements are meant to be the better solution (wich are available in 2.0 too), that would still need to create/maintain at least one screen per host asset.

Anyway, I agree this patch is not the final solution but it is a first step.
Beside removing dirty hacks like zabbix_2_0_4_and_higher-flickerfreescreen.js.patch it needs further thoughts how to be best implemented.
I could imagine for instance to opt-out graphs from such kind of view.

Comment by Cristian [ 2013 Dec 30 ]

Added to Marc comments: is hard to work with screens (even with 2.2 improvements), the improvements are just minor when it comes to using diff templates for monitored hosts.

Comment by Javier [ 2013 Dec 31 ]

BTW ZBXNEXT-75.patch works with zabbix-2.2.1 as well.

Comment by Javier [ 2014 Apr 02 ]

ZBXNEXT-75.patch works with zabbix-2.2.2 as well.

Comment by christopher [ 2014 Apr 15 ]

also works for zabbix-2.2.3 as well

Comment by Reno Reckling [ 2014 Jun 14 ]

Thanks you so much! I previously used munin-cgi for showing all monitoring graphs on one page and was very much missing that with zabbix. This fix worked great.

Comment by Filipe Paternot [ 2014 Jun 16 ]

Folks, this feature is great! We love it.

How about doing it the opposite way as well? I mean, i need to see all "eth0" traffic for a given group. To this date, i create the screens manually. This is useful as well.

Comment by AG [ 2014 Aug 02 ]

Filipe, what you request is ZBXNEXT-1120 and/or ZBXNEXT-570

Comment by Marc [ 2014 Aug 22 ]

Attached patch zbxNext75-2.2.5.patch is based on ZBXNEXT-75.patch.
It differs by:

Comment by Jacek [ 2014 Aug 25 ]

Great job!

Is there a chance of having a form that would filter graphs by their names?

Comment by Marc [ 2014 Aug 31 ]

Attached patch zbxNext75-2.2.5-MultiSelectFilter.patch is a first try of adding filter functionality:

The filter is only displayed when a host but no graph is selected.
It supports auto-search as well as making a selection via pop-up.
When filter is unset it behaves like the origin implementation and shows all graphs.

Since it's the result of a PoC it lacks of a clean visual integration, persistent filter and is admittedly quite 'dirty' coded.

The patch is a cumulative patch.

Comment by Jacek [ 2014 Sep 02 ]

Works like a charm. Thanks a lot.

Would it be difficult to extend this filter by adding functionality similar to the filter from configuration->hosts->items tab , which would be displaying all graphs with defined word in the name? It would be more convenient in cases where there is lots of graphs on particular host.

As an example: on the 24-interface switch, I've 24 traffic graphs on physical interfaces (iwth 'traffic' in their names), 24 graphs with optical parameteres (with 'power' in their names) and 4 of them are connecting to different sites of one client (whose name is in all related to him graph names). All graph names contains a name/description of interface.
Typing 'traffic' in search field of filter would display 24 graphs, typing 'Ge0/1' would display 2 graphs (traffic and power) and typing 'clients name' would display 8 graphs (4 traffics and 4 powers).

Comment by Bobyboy [ 2014 Oct 21 ]

I just migrate 2.2.6 to 2.4.1.
Be aware, now ZBXNEXT-75.patch and 2.4 : there are big problem of performance processes httpd apache when a user look a item with 15-20 graph at the same page.
My CPU is 100% and load average more than 15 !!!!!
In 2.2.6 i dont have this problem.
So, ZBXNEXT-75.patch can be corrected?

Comment by Javier [ 2015 Mar 13 ]

zbxNext75-2.2.5.patch works in zabbix 2.4.4 apparently without any performance issue.

Comment by Jacek [ 2015 Apr 10 ]

Have any of you installed zbxNext75-2.2.5-MultiSelectFilter.patch succesfully on zabbix 2.4.4? How to do this?

Comment by sepa [ 2015 Aug 30 ]

I've made an alternative version of this patch for 2.4.3, with graphs being displayed in two columns and paging:

Comment by Marc [ 2015 Aug 30 ]

sepa, sweet! but please attach it to this ticket instead of linking to an external site.

Comment by sepa [ 2016 Jan 03 ]

Patch became too large to attach to this ticket, moved it to separate git repo: https://github.com/sepich/zabbixGrapher
It is now js page which is easily integrated to Zabbix and provides with live graphing of any existing Graphs or raw Items.

Comment by Jacek [ 2016 Jan 04 ]

Thanks sepa, that's a huge improvement !!

Would it be difficult to add an option to choose entire host group at once (without having to select particular hosts) from which user could search graphs / items?

Comment by sepa [ 2016 Jan 06 ]

Nice feature, implemented.
But you'd better to create issue (or pull-request on github to not spam this thread.

Comment by Micha Slezak [ 2016 Jun 09 ]

Here is nice page http://www.zabbix.com/development_services.php where on the bottom of this page is possibility to Contribute on specific feature. I think that it can be way how to promote some feature requests and to do something like crowdfunding on specific feature. Zabbix dev setup price and we can contribute on this feature I think it can be good way how to pay for each feature and to to pay whole development by one customer.

Comment by Diego Meiringo Cesário Pereira Gonçalves [ 2016 Jun 22 ]

And For Zabbix 3.0. Any 1?
i only found this:

Comment by Jacek [ 2016 Jul 04 ]

It can be found here: https://github.com/sepich/zabbixGrapher

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