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  2. ZBX-103

zabbix 1.5 on solaris, various bugs


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    • ZABBIX Server (daemon) v1.5 (29 May 2007) Compilation time: Oct 18 2007 18:00:31

      1 Bug: Database creation on MySql
      Database table "config" misses Column "ack_enable" and "ack_expire". Created them with "alter table config add ack_enable integer Default 0 NOT NULL;"

      2 Bug: Database upgrade from 1.4.2. -> 1.5
      Same Problem as above, upgrade/patch.sql is the version 1.4 one.

      3 Bug: Importing data from *.xls-File
      After exporting hosts, templates and triggers from 1.4.2 to zabbix_export.xls, importing to 1.5 gives following errors:

      trigger creation:

      1. Missing argument 7 for add_trigger(), called in /export/home/zabbix/software/zabbix-1.5/frontends/php/include/import.inc.php on line 476 and defined[/export/home/zabbix/software/zabbix-1.5/frontends/php/include/triggers.inc.php:677]
      2. Undefined variable: url[/export/home/zabbix/software/zabbix-1.5/frontends/php/include/triggers.inc.php:687]
      3. Error in query [insert into triggers (triggerid,description,type,priority,status,comments,url,value,error,templateid) values (35,'Low free disk space on {HOSTNAME}

        volume /',4,0,,'','',2,'Trigger just added. No status update so far.',0)] [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''','',2,'Trigger just added. No status update so far.',0)' at li]

      host creation:

      1. Host [<hostname>] skipped - Access deny.

      item creation:

      1. Item [Ping] skipped - missed host
      2. Item [Ping RRT] skipped - missed host
        ---> OK this is normal, as the host was not created

      I noticed, that templates kann only be updated, since the "Missing" pull-down only has Skip as an option.

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