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  2. ZBX-1076

IT Services SLA for "this month, week, year" not calculated correctly.


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    • 1.6.6, 1.9.0 (alpha)
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    • CentOS 4 running PHP 5.1.6 on mysql 5.0

      While reviewing the srv_status.php in order to patch in "previous week/month/year" functionality I noticed a rather odd thing.

      the value of $period_start_sec is inconsistent. for the "today, this week/month/year" a absolute unix timestamp is stored in the variable.

      However, for the "last 7/30/365 days" options a "relative" value is stored in the variable.

      Later on when the extents of the SLA are calculated (the $start and $end variables) the $period_start_sec is treated as a relative instead of an absolute.

      Thus, if you choose "this month" you actually get EVERYTHING. as $start is calculated as $now-(time for beginning of month) So for example..

      $now = time(); // assume 2009-10-30 14:00 localtime;
      $period_start_sec = mktime(0,0,0,date('n'), 1, date('Y')); // this would generate timestamp for 2009-10-01 00:00:00 local time

      now when $start is calculated it is this

      $start = $now - $period_start_sec;
      which results in $start being the # of seconds since the first of the month until "now". which when treated as a unix stamp is 1970-01-30 14:00.

      this results in pulling in ALL sla history all the time (as no one has sla alarm data for 1970)

      I have a patch I'll attach that fixes this issue.

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