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proto for http proxy for web monitoring is not mandatory, not supported for all curl versions, so misleads zabbix users


    • Sprint 50 (Mar 2019), Sprint 51 (Apr 2019)
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      man curl:

      -x, --proxy <[protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]>
      Use the specified proxy.

      The proxy string can be specified with a protocol:// prefix to specify alternative proxy protocols. Use socks4://, socks4a://, socks5:// or socks5h:// to request the
      specific SOCKS version to be used. No protocol specified, http:// and all others will be treated as HTTP proxies. (The protocol support was added in curl 7.21.7)

      note that [protocol://] is an optional thing and supported from curl 7.21.7

      Let's compare with documentation:

      You can specify an HTTP proxy to use, using the format: http://[username[:password]@]proxy.mycompany.com[:port]


      If you will try to create a new web scenario, you will see a placeholder where "http://" prefix is also looks like a mandatory.

      What If libcurl on my zabbix server is version 7.19.7 ?
      Yes - scenario will not work when I start http proxy address with the proto prefix "http://", according to frontend suggestion an doc spec as well.

      I believe that the prefix should be marked as an optional by square brackets [ ] or even better - removed at all, because it's practically not usable as for NMS so not required !

      Example with environment variables http_proxy and HTTPS_PROXY also recommended to be adjusted.

      In requirements only on 3.0 page a version is specified, but only in context of SMTP auth:

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