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"users" can create and should not



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      Just upgraded from 2.4 to 3.2 and baffled to find that among other problems, people with read only access can MAKE things. This is entirely wrong and needs to be fixed. Read access means read only, no create, no write, no make, no ability to change anything. The fact that all my techs can now freely create maps, screens, and slideshows is not ok. More than that however, it's the fact that ANY view account can make things with the stuff they can view, which completely compromises using the system for public monitoring. It also frankly is a downgrade from the simple pull down menu interface to have a checklist (that they thankfully can NOT use to export, but further means it's useless) that has dimensions that are of no interest or concern that they have to click in and out of rather than just use the drop down to pick a map/screen. Really, in all ways combining the editing into the monitoring for these tabs was problematic choice that seems to defy the logic of separating creation from viewing. This should be reverted to the previous layout to keep monitoring and configuring at entirely different ends of permissions. If the desire was to allow some more abilities for non admins that's a great idea, and one we have been asking about for years, but it needs to be a tab/function based permission list that works in hand with the current host group based permissions. Because as a side note, they STILL can't see the Discovery tab under monitoring, and that's been broken since inception as far as I know.




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