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  2. ZBX-12143

time() expression in triggers not working for trapper item with no data


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    • 3.2.5
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    • CentOS7, zabbix-server-mysql-3.2.5-1.el7.x86_64

      For some time I have had a dummy Trapper item configured called "maintenance" which has never had any data sent to it, and then a time based trigger for that item.

      Once we upgraded to 3.2.5 this trigger stopped alerting at the specified time.

      I validated that when I downgrade back to 3.2.4-2 then it works as expected.

      Maybe this bug was introduced by the work done for https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-11444? That seemed to be the only semi-related change in the 3.2.5 release notes.

      To reproduce:
      1. Create a Trapper Item with any name and key and settings, although I used:
      Type of Information: Numeric (unsigned)
      Data type: Decimal

      2. Create a time based trigger on that item, such as:

      {<template>:maintenance.time()} > 110000

      obviously replacing the template name with your own, or on a host, and the maintenance key to your key. And time time of day to something relevant.

      Expect: After 11AM that the trigger would trip
      Actual: nothing happens

      Then try on a 3.2.4-2 installation and it will work.

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