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Weird descriptions of maintenance periods


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      I will be quoting descriptions of maintenance periods that can be legally created with current trunk in Configuration->Maintenances->Periods.

      1. Let's start with this one:
        Period type Schedule
        Daily At 12:00 on every day

        Sounds awkward, I think that "on" shouldn't be there.

      2. Let's continue:
        Period type Schedule
        Weekly At 12:00 on every Monday of every week

        First "every" implies that one can have two or more Mondays per week.

      3. Now let's see some really weird stuff:
        Period type Schedule
        Daily At 12:00 on every 2 days
        Weekly At 12:00 on every Monday of every 3 weeks
        Monthly At 12:00 on day 1 of every January

        This does not sound like daily, weekly and monthly. In my opinion descriptions are good enough to not display confusing Period type at all. For configuration purposes they can be called "day/week/month based".

      4. Minor compared to previous point:
        Period type Schedule
        Monthly At 12:00 on First Monday, Friday of every March

        "First" shouldn't be capitalized.

      5. Last one:
        Period type Schedule
        One time only 2017-11-07 00:00

        Seems that all translation strings are in place to produce date description with localized month name. But this may be inconsistent with the rest of interface.

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