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  2. ZBX-13494

Macros in labels of link elements in Network Maps do not expand to values for non-Superadmin users


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    • 3.4.8rc1, 4.0.0alpha5, 4.0 (plan)
    • 3.4.7
    • API (A)
    • Ubuntu 16.04. Zabbix 3.4.7. MySQL backend.
    • Sprint 28, Sprint 29
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      Entries in Labels of Links between objects of a network map using the {host:key.func(param)} notation to display measured values in real time do not resolve to values since Zabbix 3.4.7, when the user displaying the map has role "User" or "Admin". It works if the user has the role "Super Admin".

      Steps to reproduce

      • Make sure you have a user in your system that is not "Super Administrator" and has access to see at least one host's data
      • Create a new public Network Map, so that the non-Superadmin user can see it.
      • In the Map, place two "Host" object, both being ones that the user mentioned above has permission to see the data.
      • At one of the hosts, configure the label to display some value from the host using the {host:key.func(param)}.
      • Create a link between both host objects
      • For the link element, configure the same Label as for one of the hosts: {host:key.func(param)}
      • Save the map, verify it works and looks like in the first of the attached screenshots (using Super Admin user to display the map)
      • Log out from Zabbix, Log in as non Super-Admin user and display the map
      • The result will look as shown in the second of the attached screenshots: at the host object, it works, at the link object, it doesn't resolve.

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