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Zabbix 4.0.3 ssh-agent not working



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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.3
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      I follow the documentation except for the location of the home of the zabbix user.


      I choose Key file authentication so I specified the `SSHKeyLocation=/var/lib/zabbix/.ssh` and restart `systemctl restart zabbix-server` and `systemctl restart zabbix-agent`

      I generate ssh key without passphrase. I use those commande to generate both key I try to use.

      First key I try `ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519`

      Second key I try `ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t rsa -b 4096`

      I generate those keys as zabbix user in the zabbix server.

      On the destination server I copy both key in authorized_key and confirm it's working using those command.

      `sudo -u zabbix ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 [email protected]`

      `sudo -u zabbix ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa [email protected]`

      Both key are working, on the destination side I create the user zabbix_ssh_agent with both public key. I choose to test both key because I started with ed25519 and I want to make sure this is not the cause of the problem.

       I create the item in zabbix frontend with those parameters.


      Name: SSH syntetic check
      Type: SSH agent
      Key: ssh.run[testing123]
      Authentification method: Public key
      User name: zabbix_ssh_agent
      Public key file: id_rsa.pub
      Private key file: id_rsa
      Execute script: ls /tmp
      Type of information: Text
      Update Interval: 1m
      History storage period: 90d


      When I go back to the same screen to edit or validate the information I just provided to Zabbix, I have several other fields and a duplicate field. I see 2 User Name field.

      I attache two screenshots.

      The item start to collect information and I got that error in the frontend web page.

      `Public key authentication failed: Callback returned error`

      I try couple way to specify the location of the key file. When I try to specify the relative path I got that error message `Cannot access public key file /var/lib/zabbix/.ssh//var/lib/zabbix/.ssh/id_rsa.pub`

      The relavite path : 


      Public key file: /var/lib/zabbix/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

      Private key file: /var/lib/zabbix/.ssh/id_rsa


      I enable debug log and collect that.


      26326:20190131:150855.564 End of substitute_key_macros():SUCCEED data:'ssh.run[testing123]'
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In substitute_simple_macros() data:'id_rsa.pub'
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In substitute_simple_macros() data:'id_rsa'
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In substitute_simple_macros() data:'ls /tmp'
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In substitute_simple_macros() data:'SSH_DESTINATION_USER'
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In substitute_simple_macros() data:EMPTY
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In get_value() key:'ssh.run[testing123]'
      26840:20190131:150855.564 End of preprocessor_enqueue()
      26840:20190131:150855.564 In preprocessor_assign_tasks()
      26840:20190131:150855.564 In preprocessor_get_queued_item()
      26840:20190131:150855.564 End of preprocessor_get_queued_item()
      26326:20190131:150855.564 In ssh_run()

      26326:20190131:150855.684 ssh_run() supported authentication methods:'publickey'
      26326:20190131:150855.685 End of ssh_run():
      26326:20190131:150855.685 Item [HOSTNAME_DESTINATION:ssh.run[testing123]] error: Public key authentication failed: Callback returned error

      20776:20190130:201919.772 item "HOSTNAME_DESTINATION:ssh.run[testing123]" became not supported: Public key authentication failed: Username/PublicKey combination invalid

      26247:20190131:150853.823 ssh:[username:'SSH_DESTINATION_USER' password:'' authtype:1 params:'ls /tmp']

      26247:20190131:150853.823 ssh:[publickey:'id_rsa.pub' privatekey:'id_rsa']


      Thank you!!




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