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  2. ZBX-15593

Zabbix DB upgrade script fails, but DB upgrade continues


    • Sprint 49 (Feb 2019)
    • 0.125

      When upgrading Zabbix DB, i get multiple commit errors on update queries, but upgrade continues

      Expected behavior - upgrade fails on such error, not just skips the table and continues. The upgrade finished with inconsistent table values and was fixed manually, but non experienced user will think everything went as expected.

       29973:20190110:120822.898 completed 22% of database upgrade
       29973:20190110:121135.923 slow query: 193.025398 sec, "alter table items drop column data_type"
       29973:20190110:121434.187 slow query: 178.262397 sec, "alter table items drop column delta"
       29973:20190110:121707.029 slow query: 152.840107 sec, "update items set formula='' where flags<>1 or evaltype<>3"
       29973:20190110:122055.309 [Z3005] query failed: [1180] Got error 5 during COMMIT [commit;]
       29973:20190110:122055.309 slow query: 228.279343 sec, "commit;"
       29973:20190110:122055.704 completed 23% of database upgrade
       29973:20190110:122754.976 slow query: 419.256325 sec, "alter table `alerts` add `p_eventid` bigint unsigned"
       29973:20190110:123240.690 slow query: 285.713095 sec, "alter table `alerts` add constraint c_alerts_5 foreign key (`p_eventid`) references `events` (`eventid`) on delete cascade"
       29973:20190110:123240.692 completed 24% of database upgrade
      update items set delay='2m' where itemid=56247495;
       29973:20190110:130941.894 [Z3005] query failed: [1180] Got error 5 during COMMIT [commit;]
       29973:20190110:130941.894 slow query: 184.029411 sec, "commit;"
       29973:20190110:153231.496 completed 99% of database upgrade
       29973:20190110:153231.532 completed 100% of database upgrade
       29973:20190110:153231.532 database upgrade fully completed

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