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  2. ZBX-15858

Application filter in Problems view and in Items view return results differently


    • Sprint 50 (Mar 2019), Sprint 51 (Apr 2019)
    • 0.125

      Problem description: If name of an application coincides with a part of a name of another application ("CPU" and "CPU_Number"), then using the name of this application ("CPU") as the filtering condition in Configuration => Hosts => Items will return only items that have only this application defined ("CPU"), but in Monitoring => Problems there will be items that correspond to both applications ("CPU" and "CPU_Number").

      Steps to reproduce:
      1 - Create several items under a single host, specify applications for these items - make sure that the name of one application completely coincides with a part of the name of another application (for example: "CPU" and "CPU_Number" - both should not be set on the same item).
      2 - Create triggers for each item.
      3 - Set the triggers in status Problem
      4 - Navigate to Configuration => Hosts => Items
      5 - Enter the name of the first application ("CPU") in field "Application" in the filter and press Apply.

      Result 1: Only Items with Application "CPU" are returned in the result.

      6 - Navigate to Monitoring => Problems
      7 - Enter the name of the first application ("CPU") in field "Application" in the filter and press Apply.

      Result 2: Problems for items that correspond to the first and the second applications are returned ("CPU" and "CPU_Number"):
      P.S. Exactly the same behavour is observed when aplying the filter in Monitorning => Latest Data

      Full scenario:

      Application filter should work in the same manner both in Monitoring => Problems and in Configuration => Hosts => Items

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