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  2. ZBX-16256

Possible infinite fetch loop with oracle


    • Sprint 53 (Jun 2019), Sprint 54 (Jul 2019)
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      When executing DBfetch(), Zabbix checks for the following OCIStmtFetch2() errors:

      			case 1012:	/* ORA-01012: not logged on */
      			case 2396:	/* ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time */
      			case 3113:	/* ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel */
      			case 3114:	/* ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE */

      Apparently there are more errors, as we had situation with DBfetch() entering infinite loop with the same row returned. By the documentation OCIStmtFetch2() can return OCI_NO_DATA or OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO. However returning OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO while setting ORA-03114 error would be quite strange, so it probably can return also OCI_ERROR.

      We should check the returned code with database errors (that should be easy to reproduce). If it really returns OCI_ERROR, then I believe we should simply check for OCI_ERROR and return NULL rowset, instead of blacklisting error codes.

      If OCIStmtFetch2() really returns only OCI_NO_DATA or OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO, then it might be better to whitelist the errors Oracle has documented (ORA-24344, ORA-24345, ORA-24347) and return NULL rowset for the rest.

      At the very least if we are keeping current behavior, we should log the eror so it could be blacklisted if necessary.

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