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Aggregated checks not able to locate item keys in Host groups where the keys actually exist


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    • Sprint 55 (Aug 2019)
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      Problem description: in current master release (4.4.0alpha2) Aggregated items become unsupported with error "No items for key '.....' in group(s) '......' " even though items with such keys actually exist for hosts under the corresponding host group. Exactly the same setup works perfectly fine in Zabbix 4.2.6rc1.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create host group "Hostgroup 1" with several hosts.
      2. Create a zabbix agent type item with key "agent.ping" (type of information = numeric (unsigned)) for each host.
      3. Create another Host group "Aggregate data" with a signle host.
      4. Create an item with type = "Zabbix aggregate", key = grpavg["Hostgroup 1","agent.ping",last], and type of information = Numeric (float).
      5. Wait for the items to collect some data.

      Result: the status of the "Zabbix aggregate" item is Not supported" with the following error returned in the pop-up: 'No items for key "agent.ping" in group(s) "Hostgroup 1".'

      Expected: the Zabbix aggregate item should collect and process data from all items with key "agent.ping" located on all hosts under "Hostgroup 1".

      Exported configuration: Aggregated_checks_issue.xml

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