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Service with algorithm "if all children have PROBLEM", and problems with negative duration


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      A complex service with at least two dependencies reports a false problem if:

      1. The calculation algorithm is "Problem, if all children have problems".
      2. One dependency has a false problem (negative duration).
      3. All other dependencies are already in problem (positive duration), prior to the false one.

      When the recovery for the false problem occurs (recovery before the problem), if all other triggers are in problem, Zabbix considers that there was a recovery, therefore, all dependencies where in problem simultaneously.

      This behavior was observed in three services, with two dependencies each.

      The correct behavior was observed in a service with four dependencies. In this instance, one dependency reported a real problem, and another reported a false one. The remaining two didn't report any problem.

      The result was a correct calculation.

      Had the remaining two reported problems before the false recovery, a false an incorrect calculation would've been observed.

      In all of these cases, the algorithm is "Problem, if all children have problems".


      Steps to reproduce (if possible):

      1. Configure at least two simple services, each linked to its own trigger.
      2. Configure a complex service, with at least two dependencies, and calculation algorithm "Problem, if all children have problems".
      3. Create a real PROBLEM in all dependencies, except one.
      4. Create a false PROBLEM in the last dependency.


      Unfortunately, I've corrected the database before taking a screenshot.

      This is what I can show.


      Example with two dependencies.

      A problem was reported with a duration of 38:45 minutes.

      Simple service 1. A real problem reported at 00:09:54.

      Simple service 2 - A false problem with a recovery at 00:48:49.

      Only one of the dependencies had a real problem.

      The complex service should've ignored the false one.



      It appears the complex service calculation is querying the dependencies trigger's events.

      It should instead be querying the dependencies service alarms, since this table appears to be correctly ignoring the trigger's false problems.

      This seems to be a simpler solution, than having the calculation ignore the trigger's false problems.

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