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Safari: URL, Host Availability and Problems by severity widgets content is not stretched over the whole widget area


    • Sprint 57 (Oct 2019)
    • 0.5

      Problem description: When opening the dashboard using Safari browser, the actual content of the "URL" widget, "Host availability" widget (when a single interface is selected) and "Problems by severity" widget (when "Show" is set to "Totals") is not stretched over the whole widget area, but the size of its fields of of the displayed URL is limited to a certain value. This is especially irritating in case of the URL widget (in the screenshot the scrollers are in their lowest possible position for the URL widgets):

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a dashboard
      2. Add the following widgets to the dashboard:
        a - An "URL" widget that is larger than its default size
        b - A "Host availability" widget with interface type set to "Zabbix agent"
        c - A "Problems by severity" widget with "Show" set to "Totals"
      3. Save the dashboard and open it in Chrome and Safari browsers

      Result: in Chrome the content of the widgets occupies the whole widget area, but in Safari browser only a certain part of the widget area, which is vertically constant no matter how You re-size the widget.

      Expected: with the configuration described above, "URL", "Host availability" and "Problems by severity" widget content should occupy the whole widget area also in Safari browser.

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