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  2. ZBX-17135

Webhook configuration form - blank space is accepted as value in Parameter name, script and menu entry name fields


    • Sprint 60 (Jan 2020)
    • 0.125

      Problem description : When configuring a webhook media type, space is accepted as a valid value of the following fields:

      • Parameters -> Name
      • Script
      • Menu entry name

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see how to properly use a webhook with script field equal to just a blank space, a webhook parameter with a blank space as parameter name, or a menu entry with a blank space as a name.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Administration => Media types and press "Create media type"
      2. Specify the name of the media type and set field "Type" to "Webhook"
      3. Add a new parameter to the media type - use a blank space as the name of the parameter.
      4. Use a blank space as the value of field "Script".
      5. Set "Include entry name" to true and specify a valid URL in "Menu entry URL"
      6. Use a blank space as the value of the "Menu entry name".
      7. Attempt to save the created media type.

      Result: Media type successfully created

      Expected: Using a blank space as the value of the above mentioned fields should not be allowed.


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