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  2. ZBX-17515

Float values with degree between -15 and -5 are handled differently by frontend and by server


      Problem description: Metric values are displayed differently when they are displayed directly in frontend and when their value is obtained though macro resolution, if these values fall into the 0.0001 > Value > 1E-15 period. in this case the server resolves the macro in scientific format (value of a resolved macro), but frontend displays such values in regular format (values in Latest data).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open any host and create a zabbix trapper item with data type = float.
      2. Create a trigger that will be set in problem state if the value is smaller than 1.
      3. Add a Tag to the trigger with value = {ITEM.VALUE}
      4. Send value 0.000001 to this trapper item
      5. Open Monitoring => Latest data . Notice that the value is displayed as 0.000001
      6. Open Monitoring => Problems and check the value of the tag.

      Result: The value of the tag is displayed in scientific form: 1E-06
      Expected: Same as the value in Latest data, the value obtained by resolving the macro should be displayed in regular format.

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