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Template MSSQL by ODBC not work on Istance with large number of DB



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      I have an instance with large number of DB (over 20).

      Zabbix MSSQL tamplate can't monitor it because the JSON of "MSSQL: Get performance counters" return over 65555 char and is truncated. Error on screen: Template out of index => 0 symbol remain.

      The first part of query in this template return a large amount of rows (over 2600, screen: MSSQL query number of row)

      For temp fix i have cloned this template on 3 template:



      Template: MSSQL: Get performance counters General

      I have change the inital query (SELECT object_name,counter_name,instance_name,cntr_value FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters) with query of only used values (screen: Query Template general)

      Mass update for all item on MSSQL Templace with this new template (screen: Use of general template)



      Template MSSQL: Get performance counters DB-state and MSSQL: Get performance counters DB-log

      I have use this template for monitoring the single DBs on MSSQL by ODBC: Database discovery

      I have split this monitor into 2 template because, with istance over 50 DB and only 1 template, i have another out of bound.

      Screen of 2 query template (Template DB-log and Template DB-state) and use on Database discovery Item (Use of db template)



      My fix does not work as DBs grow.
      A different method is provided to monitor this type of instances or the official template is limited in the number of databases present?



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        3. Template DB-log.JPG
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        4. Template DB-state.JPG
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        5. Template new item.JPG
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        6. Template out of index.JPG
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        7. Use of db template.JPG
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        8. Use of general template.JPG
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