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  2. ZBX-19917

Database monitor items failing while the same working fine with ODBC usage


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    • 6.4 (plan)
    • 4.0.33, 5.0.15, 5.4.4
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    • Zabbix
      Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Sprint 92 (Sep 2022)
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a basic MSSQL instance
      2. Configure ODBC connection
      3. Connect to MSSQL Instance with isql
      4. Run the query
      SQL> DECLARE @strsql NVARCHAR(max) SET @strsql = 'if exists (select name from sys.databases where name=''dba_ops'') begin if exists (select 1 from dba_ops.sys.tables where name = ''dbm_rebuild_reorg_history'') begin if exists (select top 1 reindex_type from dba_ops.dbo.dbm_rebuild_reorg_history where entry_timestamp >= DATEADD(day, -3, GetDate())) begin select 0 as condition end else begin if exists (select 1 from dba_ops.dbo.dbm_gather_frag_details where scan_date >= DATEADD(day, -3, GetDate()) and fragmentation > 20 and page_count >10) begin Select 1 as condition end else Begin Select 0 as condition end end end else begin Select 0 as condition end end else begin Select 0 as condition end' BEGIN TRY IF (SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('IsHadrEnabled')) = 1 BEGIN IF NOT EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM sys.availability_groups_cluster AS AGC LEFT JOIN sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica_cluster_states AS RCS ON RCS.group_id = AGC.group_id LEFT JOIN sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica_states AS ARS ON ARS.replica_id = RCS.replica_id LEFT JOIN sys.availability_group_listeners AS AGL ON AGL.group_id = ARS.group_id WHERE RCS.replica_server_name = @@SERVERNAME AND ARS.role_desc = 'SECONDARY') BEGIN EXEC sp_executesql @strsql END ELSE BEGIN Select 0 as condition END END ELSE BEGIN EXEC sp_executesql @strsql END END TRY BEGIN CATCH Select 1 as condition END CATCH;
      | condition  |
      | 0          |

      All working fine

        5. Create an item with database monitor type
        6. Try to test it or wait for new data in Zabbix before 5.0
      Empty result


      Query working fine

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