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zabbix map access issue with different roles


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    • 5.4.5
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      I need to have an admin role for the user "A". The user "A" should be able to add hosts and maps only in specific allowed groups.
      The user "A" should not be able to see any other maps made by other users without permissions.

      When I create a new empty private map using user "B", the user "A" still can see it and edit.
      When I add a new host to the map using user "B" from the host group visible only for user "B" - the map disappears for user "A" - user "A" cannot see the map
      When I add a new static image to the map using user "B" the map appears for user "A" - user A can see the map in the list (with grayout checkbox), can open the map, but cannot edit it. The image element has normal access color for user "A", the host element has grayout color with no info.

      How I can limit access of visible maps for anybody?
      Without permissions User A should not see the maps made by user B in anyway.
      It looks the map permissions are being setup by host/image permissions, and any user with admin role has access to any static image.

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