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Zabbix 6 HTTP master item: If collected data is too long for item information type, dependent items don't get values


    • Sprint 85 (Feb 2022), Sprint 86 (Mar 2022)
    • 0.5

      In Zabbix 6:

      If collected data is too long for item information type, dependent items don't get values. UNLESS we select Do not keep history.

      1. If we create the HTTP item while keeping history:

      2. The HTTP item receives data that's too long to store in the TEXT table. Error in the server log file:

      814550:20220210:163300.210 [Z3005] query failed: [1406] Data too long for column 'value' at row 1 [insert into history_text (itemid,clock,ns,value) values (81479,1644507179,834906558,'{"id":"cardano","symbol":"ada","name":"Cardano","asset_platform_id":null,"platforms":{"":""},"block_time_in_minutes":0,"hashing_algorithm":null,"categories":["Smart Contract Platform",null],"public_notice":null,"additional_notices":[],"localization":{"en":"Cardano","de":"Cardano","es":"Cardano","fr":"Cardano","it":"Cardano","pl":"Cardano","ro":"Cardano","hu":"Cardano","nl":"Cardano","pt":"Cardano","sv":"Cardano","vi":"Cardano","tr":"Cardano","ru":"Кардано","ja":"エイダ","zh":"艾达币","zh-tw":"艾達幣","ko":"에이다","ar":"كاردانو","th":"Cardano","id":"Cardano"},"description":{"en":"Cardano is a decentralised platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion. It is one of the first blockch


      3. Create a dependent item on the HTTP master item.

      4. Dependent item won't be populated.

      5. Set Do Not keep history on the master item and see the dependent item receiving data now.


      As dependent items should receive data from the master item even before the value is being stored to the database, this should not happen. It is breaking exisiting implementations as the Zabbix 5 version did allow this to work.




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