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  2. ZBX-20747

Wrong conversion of Services during upgrade onto Zabbix v6.0


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    • 6.0.3rc1, 6.2.0alpha1, 6.2 (plan)
    • 6.0.1
    • Server (S)
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    • SLES 15 sp3, PostgreSQL v13, Zabbix server compiled from a sources
    • Sprint 86 (Mar 2022), Sprint 87 (Apr 2022)
    • 0.25

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install a Zabbix Server v5.0 (LTS);
      2. Set up some services ("Configuration" -> "Services"), for example:
        1. "LDAP pseudo-cluster": has the status calculation algorithm as "Problem, if all children have problems";
        2. two child services: "ldap1 node" and "ldap2 node" with the status calculation algorithm as "Problem, if one child has a problem";
      3. Perform on-site upgrade onto Zabbix v6.0;
      4. After Zabbix server v6.0 is started and the database has been converted, look at the menu "Services" -> "Services" and check the appropriate services.

      The calculation algorithm "Problem, if all children have problems" has been converted onto "Most critical of the [any] child services", but "Problem, if one child has a problem" – onto "Most critical if all children have problems".

      It causes to the wrong parent service calculations when the child is failed.

      See the screenshots attached:

      • "all children" in v5.0:
      • the same service after conversion in v6.0:
      • "one child" in v5.0:
      • the same service in v6.0:

      Just opposite conversion:

      Problem, if all children have problems -> Most critical if all children have problems
      Problem, if one child has a problem -> Most critical of the child services

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