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Documentation issues in API Services/SLA



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      Method service.get

      The value of parameter "evaltype" should be described in more details. It is not clear how to understand the phrase: "0 - (default) And/Or", some explanation is required.

      The "tag" parameter has the following description: "Exact match by tag and case-sensitive or case-insensitive search by tag value depending on operator value". However, there is no any explanations: when the tag value has case-sensitive search and when – case-insensitive.
      The same note is for the "problem_tags" parameter.

      The "SelectChildren" and "selectParents" parameters have the following description:

      Return a children property with the child services.


      Return a parents property with the parent services.

      However, there is no children and parents properties in the description of Service objects. It's needed some explanation and example: what these properties could contain (unfortunately, the example contains an empty arrays for these properties, it is not very useful).

      The last table (before the "Return values" section has a broken formatting.

      SLA object

      Description of "SLA service tag" object should include an explanation: if a tag name and tag value use a case-sensitive or case-insensitive comparison.

      Method sla.getsli

      The parameter "slaid" describes with type="string" and the following description:

      IDs of services to return availability information for.

      If it really can contain multiple IDs (for multiple services), its type should be "string/array" (the same as the "sla.get" method has).
      Otherwise (if the only single ID is allowed), the description should be fixed.

      The "period_from" and "period_to" parameters described as "starting date" and "ending date". However, really they are a timestamps (but dates). It is unclear: what will be returned if their values are not at the day's border. For example, daily SLA for 1 period ending today at 18:30:00: will be returned data for today only, for yesterday only, for the period from yesterday 18:30:00 up to today 18:29:59?

      The "periods" parameter is described with the type=array, but according to description and example it, probably, has the "integer" type.

      It's unclear if it is possible to limit the unneeded information in results. For example: if I need the "sli" values only, is it possible to filter out (i.e. do not return to me) other fields – such as "error_budget" and "excluded_downtimes"?




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