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Zabbix Host Interface with no items defined are 'unknown' when multiple interfaces are defined per host (SNMP/AGENT/JMX/IPMI)


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    • Zabbix 5.4.X

      Hosts can be defined with multiple interfaces of the same type either manually or automatically using host discovery (which is our situation).

      In this example I will be using SNMP based routers for example that do respond to multiple IP addresses.

      When the discovery occurs it defines the host with multiple SNMP interfaces with one of them being the 'Default' for example:

      • (Default)

      When SNMP based templates are added to this host, all of the items are assigned to the 'Default' interface ''.

      After configuration has been reloaded and data is being collected successfully using interface '' the SNMP 'Rollup' icon will be in an 'Unknown' state in the following locations for example:

      When hovering over this 'Rollup' icon it will list all of the interfaces with the following states:

      • Interfaces with assigned items collecting successfully as 'Available'
      • Interfaces with assigned items NOT collecting successfully as 'Not available'
      • Interfaces with NO assigned items as 'Unknown'

      If 'passive' based interfaces exist that do not have items assigned will always be 'Unknown' and this will always occur for devices with multiple interfaces (i.e. snmp, jmx, agent, ipmi).

      I know the functionality appears to be working as designed, however I think the logic may need tweaking.

      My thought process is that the 'Rollup' interface status should only include the status for interfaces with items assigned other wise the status 'Rollup' status will always be 'Unknown'.

      Along with this for interfaces with NO assigned items there status should be 'Unknown' with an error like 'No assigned items' or something.

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