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Improvements for calculated checks documentation in 5.4+



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    • 6.4 (plan)
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    • Sprint 90 (Jul 2022), Sprint 91 (Aug 2022), Sprint 92 (Sep 2022)
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      A comment of constantin.oshmyan copied from ZBXNEXT-6452:

      It seems the new syntax of calculated (and, especially, aggregated) checks was not documented enough. At least, I could not find a lot of details in the documentation.
      The attached document "New unified syntax for triggers, aggregated and calculated checks.pdf" has the following sentence:

      BNF grammar must be created and documented

      Where can we find this grammar? Probably, the best place for it – some appendix (like the list of Macro's, functions, or detailed description of Zabbix protocols).

      Additional quote from the same document:

      Must support expressions as function parameters like func3(10*func1(), func2(), 123)

      Unfortunately, this moment is also not documented (was it implemented?) and has no examples.

      Some additional notes and questions:

      • there should be a clearly description of rules about the star character ("*") usage as a wildcard for aggregation functions:
        • is it possible to use it in any aggregate function or in the foreach functions only?
        • what part of key could be replaced by star? For example, what of the following constructions is valid:
          • /*/some.key (star replaces the entire hostname)
          • /host/* (star replaces the entire key)
          • /*/* (star replaces both entire hostname and entire key simultaneously)
          • /host/some.key[*] (star replaces entire key parameter)
          • /host/some.key[param1,*,param2] (star replaces some of key parameters)
          • /host*/some.long.key.* (star replaces some part of hostname or key)
          • /host*ends/some.long.*.key (the same as previous, but star is in the middle of string)
          • /host/net.if.in[eth*] (star replaces the part of key parameter)
      • the common syntax of filters for aggregations must be described. Documentation has some examples (like: /*/key?[group="ABC" and tag="tagname:value"]), but:
        • all examples include the question mark and square brackets, but it is not mentioned explicitly;
        • it is not clear if spaces are allowed (around the question mark, brackets, equal mark);
        • it is not clear if quotes characters (") are mandatory or optional (for readability only);
        • it is not clear if the filtering is performed by exact matching or just as a substring, case-sensitive or not (for all possible cases: group names, tag names and tag values).

      At the moment we've migrated to version 6.0.3; but all these questions are still actual.




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