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SLA report related issues


    • Team A
    • Sprint 90 (Jul 2022), Sprint 91 (Aug 2022)
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      Problem description: The following SLA related issues are currently observed:
      1 - Autocomplete is not working in the "Service" multiselect in Services => SLA report view.
      2 - The format of the title of the Services => SLA report view is not condsistent with titles of all other views: the 2nd word in the title should not start with a capital letter, but in the above mentioned view the title is "SLA Report". Should be "SLA report"
      3 - If an SLA was created via API with a defined effective date, and then this SLA was updated via frontend (even if no changes were made), then the effective date parameter gets rounded, which should not happen.

      Steps to reproduce for point #3:

      1. Create an SLA using the following API:
            "jsonrpc": "2.0",
            "method": "sla.create",
            "params": {
                "name": "TEST SLA",
                "period": 1,
                "slo": "11",
                "effective_date": "1651352400",
                "timezone": "Europe/Riga",
                "service_tags": [
                        "tag": "t",
                        "value": "v"
                "excluded_downtimes": [
                            "name": "EXCLUDED DOWNTIME",
                            "period_from": "1651352400",
                            "period_to": "1777582800"
                "schedule": [
                            "period_from": "0",
                            "period_to": "20000"
                            "period_from": "18800",
                            "period_to": "38800"
            "auth": "42b89c7bde2ffd5086ec502a16af7a2f",
            "id": 1
      1. Check the effective date in database, should be equal to "1651352400"
      2. Open the created SLA configuration in frontend
      3. Press update button without making any changes
      4. Check the value of the effective date in DB

      Result: the value of the effective date was changed to 1651276800
      Expected: the value of the effective date should not be changed

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