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Reflected XSS in discovery page of Zabbix Frontend [CVE-2022-35229]


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      ID: ZBV-2022-04-1

      CVE: CVE-2022-35229

      Synopsis: Reflected XSS in discovery page of Zabbix Frontend

      Description: An authenticated user can create a link with reflected Javascript code inside it for the discovery page and send it to other users. The payload can be executed only with a known CSRF token value of the victim, which is changed periodically and is difficult to predict.

      Severity: Low

      Known Attack Vectors: Malicious code has access to all the same objects as the rest of the web page and can make arbitrary modifications to the contents of the page being displayed to a victim during social engineering attacks.

      Resolution: To remediate this vulnerability, apply the updates listed in the 'Fixed Version' section to appropriate products.

      Workarounds: The vulnerability can be exploited only by authenticated users. If an immediate update is not possible, review user access rights to your Zabbix Frontend, be attentive to browser warnings and always check any links you can receive via email or other means of communication, which lead to the discoveryconf.php page of Zabbix Frontend and contain suspicious parameters with special symbols. If you have clicked on the suspicious link, do not fill out the opened form.

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