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SNMP OID LLD Errors (SNMPINDEX truncated | no results at all)


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    • 6.2.1
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    • ZABBIX 6.2.1 on Debian 5.10.136-1

      I tried to set up a LLD for SNMP OID discovery but ran into some errors that I am not able to explain. I have tried several discovery rules but none of them yield any valid results.

      If use the rule


      then the LLD only gives me this:


      The SNMPVALUE (OPDATA here) corresponds to the last entry in the operationalTable (as can be seen in the attached snmpwalk.txt files) the SNMPINDEX is empty in this case.

      Another interesting error occurs when I use this rule (MIB name is censored but has the same amount of chararcters)


      then the resulting SNMPINDEX parameters will be truncated like this (here are the last items in the search which should have "bzRuntime4" and "bzFuelRangeARange" as their SNMPINDEX values but come out as "me4" and "Range")

      ....., {"{#SNMPINDEX}":"me4.0.0","{#OPDATA}":"null"},{"{#SNMPINDEX}":"Range.0.0","{#OPDATA}":"89.04985520048977"}


      As one can see in the attached screenshot of the MIB browser the OID "." should point to the "operationalTable" which holds all the data.

      At first I thought this might be a duplicate of ZBX-15989 but the SNMP entries are laid out differently in my case

      Is there an issue with the layout of the entries on the side of the SNMP agent, is the configuration on the ZABBIX server wrong or is this a bug?

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