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  2. ZBX-21677

Latest Data Checkbox Filters Do Not Reset After Page Reset


    • Team A
    • Sprint 93 (Oct 2022), Sprint 94 (Nov 2022)
    • 0.5

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. In latest data page select the checkbox next to any items (it can be one, a few or all the checkboxes) in the latest data table below the subfilter as if you are preparing to display a graph of all the items selected using the Display graph or Display stacked graph buttons at the bottom. After that, any of the following actions will not reset the checkbox selections. The initial checkboxes selected will persist:
      2. On the left-hand of the screen click on Monitoring -> latest data
      3. Refresh the page using the browser refresh option or shift+F5 or just F5
      4. Apply a host, host group, name, tag, etc filter in the top of the page and select Apply
      5. Press the Reset action button
      6. Or any combination of steps 2-5 combined


      The checkboxes selected in step 1 will persist. If you "Display graph" it will display a graph of those items


      I would expected behavior similar to that prior to version 6.0. If I apply a new host, host group, tag filter, etc and click 'Apply' any checkbox selections should be reset. If I click the 'Reset' button or refresh the page in any manner, all checkboxes selected should be reset.


      This is a pretty big issue, and I couldn't find any mention of this bug being reported, which is surprising, as it greatly impacts usability.

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