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  2. ZBX-21808

Slow configuration sync after upgrade from 5 to 6


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    • 6.0.9
    • Proxy (P), Server (S)
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      After  upgrade from 5 to 6 configuration sync time for Server and proxy jump from 2-5 minutes up to 50.

      ENV: around 200 hosts with 20 000 + items.
      Server - Oracle 19c, 3 200 000 metric and around 20 0000 hosts
      Proxy - MariaDB,  20 000 metric and around 200 hosts

      Affected SQL:

      1421192:20221021:124632.333 DCsync_configuration() items      : sql:1262.652292 sync:0.043896 sec (9/17570/246).
      1421192:20221021:124632.333 DCsync_configuration() item pproc : sql:1313.027720 sync:0.013206 sec (0/0/14512). 
      select i.itemid, i.hostid, i.status, i.type, i.value_type, i.key_, i.snmp_oid, i.ipmi_sensor, i.delay, i.trapper_hosts, i.logtimefmt, i.params, ir.state, i.authtype, i.username, i.password, i.publickey, i.privatekey, i.flags, i.interfaceid, ir.lastlogsize, ir.mtime, i.history, i.trends, i.inventory_link, i.valuemapid, i.units, ir.error, i.jmx_endpoint, i.master_itemid, i.timeout, i.url, i.query_fields, i.posts, i.status_codes, i.follow_redirects, i.post_type, i.http_proxy, i.headers, i.retrieve_mode, i.request_method, i.output_format, i.ssl_cert_file, i.ssl_key_file, i.ssl_key_password, i.verify_peer, i.verify_host, i.allow_traps, i.templateid, null from items i inner join hosts h on i.hostid=h.hostid join item_rtdata ir on i.itemid=ir.itemid where h.status in (0,1) and i.flags<>2;
      select pp.item_preprocid,pp.itemid,pp.type,pp.params,pp.step,h.hostid,pp.error_handler,pp.error_handler_params from item_preproc pp,items i,hosts h where pp.itemid=i.itemid and i.hostid=h.hostid and (h.proxy_hostid is null or i.type in (5,15,18)) and h.status in (0,1) and i.flags<>2; 

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