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  2. ZBX-22190

Drag and drop trigger list in maps not working properly if trigger name consists of more than one line


    • Sprint 98 (Mar 2023), Sprint 99 (Apr 2023), Sprint 100 (May 2023), Sprint 101 (Jun 2023), Sprint 102 (Jul 2023), Sprint 103 (Aug 2023)

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Monitoring->Maps;
      2. create or edit a map;
      3. create or edit a trigger type element;
      4. in "New triggers" multiselect find triggers that names consist of both one lines and some that span across multiple lines. Most likely you will find them in "Zabbix server" host;
      5. press "Add" to add them to the "Triggers" list;
      6. now make sure you have order set up like so:
        :: "trigger name 1" Remove
        :: "very long trigger name that is in
        two lines 1"
        :: "very long trigger name that is in
        two lines 2"
        :: "trigger name 2" Remove
      7. try dragging second to last trigger to the last position;

      See recording.

      1. The long trigger name cannot be placed in last position as it doesn't allow the dragging all the way to the bottom, but stops few pixels above the last row (sometimes works if mouse is dragged completely out of bounds);
      2. while dragging, the whole row suddenly jumps by few pixels to left side;
      3. coordinates row and URLs label and inputs move down by one pixel below (in HC theme "Add" button and underline for Remove link also moves);
      4. sometimes "Add" link in "New triggers" list also moves down by one pixel if last row is being dragged;
      5. in HC theme dragging first row, icon of last row is moving one pixel down (and labels of URLs block also move).

      No issues with dragging.

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