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Map link indicator not working properly when multiple triggers are associated


    • Sprint 97 (Feb 2023), Sprint 98 (Mar 2023), Sprint 99 (Apr 2023)
    • 0.5

      In a given map, there is a link between two devices. For this link, was added 3 "link indicators" (a.k.a triggers) as below:

      All triggers have the same severity: average.

      Trigger 72647:

      Trigger 95390:

      Trigger 95386:


      According to the documentation [1], this is the expected behavior when multiple triggers are associated to a link indicator:{}



      All the 3 triggers above are fired at the same moment. Link style and color are not being determined by the correct trigger.{}{}


      What was expected:

      Since all the trigger's severeties are the same (average) and all them are fired at the same time, then the lowest trigger ID should take place and determine the link style and color. In this case, the link should be red solid but orange dotted line is being printed.






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