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  2. ZBX-22787

Media type webhook and script parameters working incorrectly


    • Sprint 100 (May 2023), Sprint 101 (Jun 2023), Sprint 102 (Jul 2023), Sprint 103 (Aug 2023)
    • 0.5

      There seems to be an issue with the way media type webhook and script parameters are functioning. 

      Steps to reproduce:

      Part 1:

      1. Go to Alerts -> Media types
      2. Create new media type
      3. Fill in the data:
        1. Name: test
        2. Type: Webhook
        3. Parameters: Leave the default parameters unchanged
        4. Script: test
      4. Press "Add" to create media type.
      5. Open the created media type "test"
      6. Observe: All data is correct.
      7. Change the data:
        1. Type: Script
        2. Script name: test
        3. Do not add script parameters!
      8. Update the media type.
      9. Open the edited media type "test"
      10.  Observe: There are 4 script parameters added.


      Part 2:

      1. Remove all of the parameters;
      2. Update "test" media type;
      3. Open "test" media type;
      4. Observe: Three parameters are still added. 


      Part 3:

      1. Remove all 3 parameters;
      2. Add new parameter with value "test";
      3. Update "test" media type
      4. Open "test" media type;
      5. Observe: Three parameters are still added - two empty + previously added parameter "test".

      Part 4:

      1. Edit the "test" media type and change data:
        1. Type: Webhook
        2. Script: "test"
      2. Do not  change the automatically added parameters!
      3. Update media type
      4. Open "test" media type and observe: No parameters are added.


      Media type and script parameters are not "mixed" together when media type Type is changed from Webhook to script and the other way around.


      Note: This affects version 6.4 and master. Looks like the issue can be reproduced after commit b1002a8c5c7.

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