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  2. ZBX-3988

Browser memory leak on some pages of zabbix web interface


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    • 1.8.9, 1.9.9 (beta)
    • 1.8.6, 1.9.6 (beta)
    • Frontend (F)
    • WinXP32 SP3, Opera 11.50 build 1074.
      latest trunk, ~ after r20500

      Last time (~ last week) i have huge problem - my Opera periodically eats all RAM (4GB), it hangs and if i could not close it in time, even OS hangs and i have only one way - press reset button.
      Finally i figured out when it happens.

      I have opened several Zabbix GUI tabs on the Opera all time, and sometimes i leave opened Dashboard tab in the background and i don't select it for some time. After some short time my system becomes unstable and finally not responds - Opera ate all virtual memory.
      It seems here is no this problem with other GUI pages.

      When i switch to tab with Dashboard and move mouse over several widgets (without any click, only mouse over !!!) then Opera drops all memory leak.
      I have even recorded video how i reproduce the problem

      Speed of memory leak (only one tab with Dashboard opened) ~ 500 Mbytes/hour of virtual memory.

      I have configured monitoring of revision changes for different components on the my dev-server and i can assume that problem can appears between revs 20500 and 20667.

      So i think you should to take a look to this situation. And i feel that this situation related to the ZBX-3969.

      Another browsers are not tested.

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