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      + (a) S_NO_GRAPHS_DEFINED - has strings both in singular & plural; should be figured out why.
      same for ITEM and TRIGGER -> changed all to plurals
      (b) in it services :
      Error adding service time H:i is a wrong time format. Should be from 00:00 to 23:59.
      + (c) No IT service defined. - singular ? (also figure out when/how can it be seen - seems to be in charts) -> changed to plural
      + (d) "Link to templates" & "Link to templates: "
      + (e) "Unlink from templates" & "Unlink from templates: "
      + (f) "Remove from host groups" & "Remove from host groups: "
      same for :
      Add to host groups
      Run remote commands on host groups
      Run remote commands on hosts
      Send message to users
      Send message to groups
      Run IPMI command
      Run SSH commands
      Run TELNET commands
      Run custom commands on Zabbix agent
      Run custom commands on Zabbix server
      + (g) Mediatypes used by action, Mediatype already exists, Password required for mediatype - all to 'media type[s]'
      + (h) incorrect parameter [is] [used] for ... -> mostly unified to "Incorrect parameters for..."
      + Cannot remove group -> Cannot delete group ("Cannot remove macro" left as is for now)
      + (j) Create Action -> Create action
      + (k) Date hw decommissioned -> Date HW decommissioned
      + (l) Delete system map -> Delete network map
      + (m) Edit Trigger -> Edit trigger
      + Error Description -> Error description
      + (o) GUI Messaging -> GUI messaging
      (p) Failure Audit, Success Audit - windows eventlog levels; if original capitalisation is like this, should be kept as-is
      (q) action operations - tooltip says "Run IPMI command", editing operation properties says "Commands"
      + (r) "No groups defined." - specified in all locations whether it's host or user group; also specified this in action operation configuration
      (s) "Multiple Name column" - should be improved to actually mean something
      (t) Execute SQL error

      inconsistency in reporting when inserting images :

      oracle :
      S_EXECUTE_SQL_ERROR, then error message

      db2 :

      sqlite, mysql, pgsql :

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