(a) in it services :
      Error adding service time H:i is a wrong time format. Should be from 00:00 to 23:59.
      + (b) Failure Audit, Success Audit - windows eventlog levels; capitalised like that in original; should be documented (documented at https://zabbix.org/wiki/Docs/specs/syntax)
      (c) action operations - tooltip says "Run IPMI command", editing operation properties says "Commands"
      (d) "Multiple Name column" - should be improved to actually mean something
      + (e) "Cannot remove macro"/"Cannot remove macro."
      (f) "Remove from host group"/"Remove from host groups"
      + (g) "SNMPv3 Security level"/"SNMPv3 security level"
      (h) "Delete selected groups?"/"Delete selected groups"/"Delete selected group?" - regarding the question mark, one is a dropdown entry, one is a confirmation question. the question might be improved, but they can not be merged
      + "Empty input parameter"/"Empty input parameter."
      (j) Execute SQL error
      inconsistency in reporting when inserting images :

      oracle :
      S_EXECUTE_SQL_ERROR, then error message

      db2 :

      sqlite, mysql, pgsql :

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