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Action not removing host from group "Discovered Hosts"



      I've created a discovery rule that discovers switches on our platform and attaches templates to the hosts based on the snmp result. I'm also adding a host to the appropriate host group based on the result of one of the snmp discovery rules.

      This all works fine, except for the removal from the Discovered Hosts group. I'd like to keep this host group clear from already discovered hosts, but that seems to be impossible or simply not work. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I created a separate action to remove a host from the discovered hosts group, but that doesn't seem to work. I also tried to just add the removal operation to one of the three separate actions, but the also doesn't work.

      There are no logs to debug, but I'm guessing that the delete action is being processed before the "add to hostgroup" action. This would result in a host being without a host group and probably not possible. I'm guessing this because the delete action is put in the list first when I'm adding the operation to one of the the separate actions.

      It would be very helpful if this is solved.

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