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  2. ZBX-4768

ERROR: nested transaction detected. Please report it to Zabbix Team.


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    • 1.8.10
    • Server (S)
    • Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS
      mariadb-server-5.1 5.1.47-tokudb-4.2.0-28254
      Zabbix Server v1.8.10 (revision 24303) (28 December 2011)
      Compilation time: Feb 1 2012 20:05:35

      Ran into another case of the "UPDATE ids SET nextid=nextid+1 WHERE nodeid=" problem this afternoon that was making zabbix sluggish and unusable.

      Database and server restarts led to a log entry telling us to contact you.

      12072:20120317:022059.718 In trigger_dependent() triggerid:100100000530231
      12072:20120317:022059.718 In trigger_dependent_rec() triggerid:100100000530231 level:0
      12072:20120317:022059.718 query [txnlev:1] [select t.triggerid,t.value from trigger_depends d,triggers t where d.triggerid_up=t.triggerid and d.triggerid_down=100100000530231]
      12072:20120317:022059.718 Got signal [signal:15(SIGTERM),sender_pid:12997,sender_uid:0,reason:0]. Exiting ...
      12072:20120317:022059.718 zbx_on_exit() called
      12072:20120317:022101.718 In DBconnect() flag:1
      12072:20120317:022101.720 query [txnlev:1] [SET NAMES utf8]
      12072:20120317:022101.720 End of DBconnect():0
      12072:20120317:022101.720 In free_database_cache()
      12072:20120317:022101.720 In DCsync_all()
      12072:20120317:022101.720 In DCsync_history() history_first:0 history_num:0
      12072:20120317:022101.720 syncing history data...
      12072:20120317:022101.720 syncing history data done
      12072:20120317:022101.720 In DCsync_trends() trends_num:0
      12072:20120317:022101.720 syncing trends data...
      12072:20120317:022101.720 ERROR: nested transaction detected. Please report it to Zabbix Team.
      zabbix_server: db.c:512: zbx_db_begin: Assertion `0' failed.

      Now we get only a single zabbix_server process and startup seems to hang.

      18381:20120317:084008.125 IPMI monitoring: NO
      18381:20120317:084008.125 WEB monitoring: YES
      18381:20120317:084008.125 Jabber notifications: YES
      18381:20120317:084008.125 Ez Texting notifications: YES
      18381:20120317:084008.125 ODBC: NO
      18381:20120317:084008.125 SSH2 support: NO
      18381:20120317:084008.125 IPv6 support: NO
      18381:20120317:084008.125 ******************************
      18381:20120317:084008.125 NodeID: 1
      18381:20120317:084008.125 ******************************

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