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  2. ZBX-5679

icons can't be viewed in iconmapping config


      iconmapping config, add some rules, click on icons - nothing happens.

      [2012-10-09 17:17:17] JavaScript - adm.iconmapping.php?form=update&iconmapid=1&sid=ae9ec4201265fe29
      Event thread: click
      Uncaught exception: TypeError: 'hintText.replace' is not a function
      Error thrown at line 8358, column 2 in <anonymous function: createBox>(e, target, hintText, width, className, isStatic) in jsLoader.php?ver=2.1.0&lang=en_GB&isMenu=1:
      hintText = hintText.replace(/\n/g, '<br />');
      called from line 8429, column 2 in <anonymous function: showHint>(e, target, hintText, width, className, isStatic) in jsLoader.php?ver=2.1.0&lang=en_GB&isMenu=1:
      target.hintBoxItem = hintBox.createBox(e, target, hintText, width, className, isStatic);
      called from line 8414, column 3 in <anonymous function: showStaticHint>(e, target, hint, width, className, resizeAfterLoad) in jsLoader.php?ver=2.1.0&lang=en_GB&isMenu=1:
      hintBox.showHint(e, target, hint, width, className, true);
      called from line 79, column 3 in <anonymous function>(e) in adm.iconmapping.php?form=update&iconmapid=1&sid=ae9ec4201265fe29:
      hintBox.showStaticHint(e, this, img, '', '', true);
      called via Function.prototype.apply() from line 4979, column 8566 in <anonymous function: dispatch>(c) in jsLoader.php?ver=2.1.0&lang=en_GB&isMenu=1:
      called via Function.prototype.apply() from line 4979, column 1244 in <anonymous function: i>(a) in jsLoader.php?ver=2.1.0&lang=en_GB&isMenu=1:
      return typeof f!="undefined"&&(Unable to render embedded object: File (a) not found.==a.type)?f.event.dispatch.apply(i.elem,arguments):b

      broken by :

      r29854 | tomtom | 2012-08-27 12:03:13 +0300 (Mon, 27 Aug 2012) | 5 lines

      ..F....... ZBX-5444 fixed maintenance hint not accessible if user has no permissions
      ..F....... ZBX-5444 added functionality to hints, and now all newlines are converted to <br> tag
      ..F....... ZBX-5444 fixed host in maintenance not highlighted by adding icon to hosts in maintenance
      ..F....... ZBX-5444 fixed "last 20 issue" widget lines being 2px higher than other table lines in dashboard
      ..F....... ZBX-5444 made host names with maintenance description correctly aligning in new lines in Monitoring->triggers when browser window width is changed

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