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,,Last 20 items'' in dashboard doesn't display discovered triggers


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    • 2.0.4
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      A little bit of background:
      I have a LLD check running to discover filesystems on Linux hosts. The said check includes items and triggers, one of which is a trigger that checks (using nodata()) if the items are constantly updated.
      Sometimes a filesystem gets mistakingly unmouted or otherwise inaccessible, so a working trigger is important in this environment.

      The problem:
      Although the trigger launches a event that is visible on the ,,Events'' screen (I also receive notifications), no info about it is displayed on the main dashboard under the ,,Last 20 items''.
      I'm not sure why it would work like that, but think it's related to the fact that ,,The item is not discovered anymore and will be deleted in x days''.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Add a nodata() check on any item from ,,Discovered filesystems'' LLD
      2. Add a new filesystem on a host and wait until it is discovered
      3. Remove the filesystem
      4. You will get an alert from the nodata() check, it will be listed on the events page, but not on the ,,Last 20 items'' on the dashboard

      I'm more than willing to provide additional information on request.

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