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  2. ZBX-6742

2.0.6. does not support multiple linked templates


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    • 2.2.3rc1, 2.3.0
    • 2.0.6
    • Templates (T)
    • fu nctionnal problem, not environnment dependant

      It seems that 2.0.6 version does not support multiple linked templates.

      I've defined on a zabbix server running on a production platform a structure hierarchical templates for 3 levels, hardware, system and application. an hardware template may be used by several system template which can be used by several application template.

      It works fine and allow me to improve template management.

      Now, I've exported these templates, and I am trying to import them on another zabbix server.

      When importing my first group of template I have an error message in red and the operation doesn't go through :
      "Template cannot be linked to another template more than once even through other templates"

      I would like to undestand this message, as everything works fine on the source server and I have never seen such a problem.

      The server where template have been export form is in 2.0.4 and the server where I try to import templates is in 2.0.6.

      I've started, for test to recreate quite the same structure on the 2.0.6 version and I have this error message too, is it a new limitation of this version ?

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