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Regression - Dynamic Index doesn't support white space at the end of the string to search for


      In a multiple proxy and server envirronment, I discover that there was a regression for Dynamic index between version 1.8.10 (previous server version) and 1.8.18 of zabbix (new server version)

      On Cisco 2960 here is the item I have to get the Switch temperature :["index","","SW#1, Sensor#1, GREEN "]

      Notice the space char at the end ot the "string to search for", this space is present on the result with an snmp walk.

      On a monitored switch behind my zabbix server previously in 1.8.10 and a proxy in 1.8.10, this item is supported and retrieved successfully.

      With a direct monitored switch from zabbix server 1.8.18, I get an unsupported item (truncated syslog report ):
      item [sw2R9RA:Switch_Temperature] became not supported: cannot find index [] of the OID [["index","","SW#1

      While this item behind a proxy is still supported!

      I suppose a trim as been added or something like this under zabbix 1.8.18 to suppress the last white space???

      I tested different things without result :

      • protect the last space char with a slash
      • set a two consecutive space.

      I don't know if this is present under version 2.x

      for the moment my production envirronement is blocked in version 1.8

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