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IPMI problem with zabbix 2.4.1


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    • 2.2.8rc1, 2.4.3rc1, 2.5.0
    • 2.4.1
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      I have problem with zabbix-2.4.1 and ipmi, because I received wrong information about sensor:

      $ ipmitool -I lanplus -H -L USER -A MD5 -U  -P  sdr, show
      Ambient          | 21 degrees C      | ok
      Systemboard      | 29 degrees C      | ok
      CPU1             | 48 degrees C      | ok
      CPU2             | 44 degrees C      | ok

      This is a data from ipmitool command line, and show good value for FAN2 SYS:

      $ ipmitool -I lanplus -H -L USER -A MD5 -U -P sensor get "FAN2 SYS"
      Sensor ID              : FAN2 SYS (0x27)
       Entity ID             : 29.1
       Sensor Type (Analog)  : Fan
       Sensor Reading        : 6240 (+/- 60) RPM
       Status                : ok
       Lower Non-Recoverable : na
       Lower Critical        : 1920.000
       Lower Non-Critical    : na
       Upper Non-Critical    : na
       Upper Critical        : na
       Upper Non-Recoverable : na
       Assertion Events      : 
       Assertions Enabled    : 

      In zabbix gui i check data, and fan2 sys have value: 1 RPM... or is not supported...

      For test I try configure fan2 sys and configure in zabbix like this:

      Now I add for test in zabbix key:

      Name: FAN2 SYS
      Type: ipmi agent
      Key: ipmi.fan2.sys.rpm
      Host interface: ip:623
      IPMI sensor: FAN2 SYS (I put space between FAN1 and SYS)
      Type of information: Numeric
      Units: RPM

      Zabbix show me information about item: not_supported, sensor data is not available or show value: 1 RPM
      What I set wrong in zabbix, that isn't work? This is a problem zabbix or ipmi?

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