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  2. ZBX-9317

proc.* checks return ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED when user doesn't exist


      I've configured some checks on Zabbix servers for my infra. One of which is a check for tomcat. The key for the item is "proc.num[java,tomcat,,tomcat7]"

      On servers that have tomcat running the check works perfectly fine. On servers that don't have tomcat running I would expect it to return a value of 0 but in this case it returns ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED. Logically I would assume that ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED would refers to incorrectly configured items. But here the item & key are correct but is shown as ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED.

      If I change the key to proc.num[java], it returns a 0 & that is what I would also expect of the above mentioned key. Can this be achieved or is it a default behaviour that cannot be changed? I would like to see it changed so that there is a distinction between incorrectly configured keys that are actually not supported or have a syntax error & checks that should return a zero as in the case above.

      Similar behaviour is also observed for other items that check processes and if the user name specificed in the key does not exist

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